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Me parece absurdo que tenga que recordar esto, pero esta es una web de DOX, no una web para contarnos vuestra vida, así que dejad de hacer el tonto, porque sólo quedáis en ridículo.
Hay un Opel Corsa con matrícula acabada en 72, que el dueño lo mueva antes de que venga la grúa.


From Wikipedia:

"Proscription (Latin: proscriptio) is the public identification and official condemnation of enemies of the state."

This is a list of various people who can be tormented at your leisure. If you're bored and feel like terrorizing some random person whose dox are on the site, this is a good place to start. Normally, I try to remain neutral to a fault, but these people have just proved bothersome for one reason or another. I really don't care how hard you go on any of them.

Nobody yet.

As always, double-check the addresses etc before doing anything. - staff

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